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in-jokes and references

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BeitragVerfasst am: 05.01.2008 23:33    Titel: in-jokes and references Antworten mit Zitat

Games, TV and Movies

The dwarven mortar team in Dun Morogh say "I'm T.N.T.! I'm dynamite!" which comes from the AC/DC song "T.N.T." from the High Voltage album.

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
Finkle's Skinner is listed as property of Finkle Einhorn, alluding the revelation in Ace Ventura "Finkle is Einhorn! Einhorn is Finkle!"
Finkle Einhorn appears after you skin The Beast in Upper Blackrock Spire, and before the Burning Crusade, Finkle's Skinner – which drops from The Beast – was essentially required to skin the hound.

Apocalypse Now
Colonel Kurzen in Stranglethorn Vale is based on the character Colonel Kurtz in the popular Vietnam movie Apocalypse Now.

Austin Powers
There is a cat critter in the new Naxxramas instance named Mr. Bigglesworth.If you kill it, Kel'Thuzad(himself) will yell "No!!! A curse upon you, interlopers! The armies ofthe Lich King will hunt you down. You will not escape your fate..."apparently he really liked that cat. This is a reference to Dr. Evil'scat of the same name from the Austin Powers movies. The "Curse" is morethan likely a reference to Dr. Evil's line "And when Mr. Bigglesworthis upset...people DIE!"

Battlestar Galactica
Next to the bank in Area 52, there is a goblin engineer named Xyrol.This is a reference to Galen Tyrol, the chief of the deck on theBattlestar Galactica.

Blue Oyster Cult
There is a quest in Netherstorm(Outland) to return a cow bell to a cow named Bessy and then following an escort quest back to it's owner. The quest name is Needs More Cowbell (starts from Thadell) then starts a quest called When the Cows Come Home [group escort], as referred from that video seen especially on youtube with Christopher Walken "asking for more cowbell", a scene from Saturday Night Live.

Bring it On
T'shu in Sporeggar located on the west side of Zangarmarsh will giveyou a quest once you have achieved a certain reputation level withSporeggar and are level 63 or higher. The quest is entitled "Oh, It'sOn!", an evident reference to a highly popular line in the movie Bring it On.

Captain America
The Paladin Talent Avenger's Shieldis a reference to Captain America (who is a member of the superherogroup known as The Avengers), and his ability to ricochet his shieldoff of multiple targets and return to him.

The Dark Crystal
The Skettis NPC race located in Outland bear a striking resemblancein name, appearance and sound to the Skeksis from this 1982 Jim Hensonfilm. Furthermore, the first boss in Sethekk Hallswill sometimes say "Hmmmmmm...It's time to make my move!", which is adirect quote from the scheming Chamberlain Skeksis from the film.

Excalibur - Sword in the Stone
Excalibur is the mythical sword of King Arthur, sometimes attributedwith magical powers or associated with the rightful sovereignty ofGreat Britain. Sometimes Excalibur and the Sword in the Stone (theproof of Arthur's lineage) are said to be the same weapon, but in mostversions they are considered separate. The sword was associated withthe Arthurian legend very early; in Welsh, the sword was calledCaledfwlch.
The sword in the stone can be found in Nagrand on Zangar Ridge beside the road.


Final Fantasy VII
On the northern end of Sunstrider Isle in Eversong Woods, you canfind two blood elf children named Jane and Nova. This is a reference toJenova in Final Fantasy VII, who is also known as Sephiroth's "Mother".

Forrest Gump
In Stormwind, there is a flower shop named Fragrant Flowers justeast of the Trade District, on the canal between it and Old Town. Theman who runs it is named Bernard Gump. Just beneath his name is thetitle <Florist>; Thus, his full title is "Florist Gump", a pun onthe name Forrest Gump.
In Auberdine (in Darkshore), there is a fisherman by the name of Gubber Blump. This is a play on Bubba Gump Shrimp.


  • In the Mage Quarter in Stormwind there are three mages sittingin a circle having an extended conversation. Eventually one of themwill say “wouldn’t that be bad, like crossing the streams bad?”, areference to the movie "Ghost Busters".
  • Egan's Blaster is a ranged-slot item used in the quest TheRestless Souls that starts in Eastern Plaguelands. "Use Egan's Blasteron the ghostly and spectral citizens of Stratholme. When the restlessspirits break free from their ghostly shells, use the blaster again -freedom will be theirs!" This is also a reference to the character Dr.Egon Spengler from the film.
  • One of the soldiers stationed at Chillwind Pointcomplains that his job "definitely isn't worth another five thou-ayear!" In the movie "Ghostbusters", Winston Zeddmore (Ernie Hudson)says the same thing when his team votes for almost certain death tosave the world (while fighting the undead, as it were.)
  • In the mage-specific quests Investigate the Alchemist Shop (Horde) and Investigate the Blue Recluse (Alliance), the player is asked to search an area for ghosts, fight them, and trap them in "containment coffers."
  • In the hinterlands there is the Altar of Zul which is areference to the First Ghostbusters movie where the Ghostbusters foughtGozer atop the Altar of Zool.

Gone in 60 Seconds
The quest in Hellfire Peninsula called "Shizz Work" has you digging through Felboar excrement for a lost set of keys, very much like a scene from Gone in 60 Seconds(the remake with Nicholas Cage), where some of the car thieves aretaking a large dog for a walk to get him to "release" some previouslydevoured Mercedes keys!

On Fray Island in The Barrens there is an NPC named Klannoc MacLeodwith the title <The> an obvious play on Connor Mac Leod,the Highlander. He looks very similar to the TV character DuncanMacLeod (a descendant of Connor's), with long black hair, a katana, andthe type of clothes Duncan would often wear.

Kill Bill
The Superior quality sword,

Hanzo Sword

is a reference to Hattori Hanzo, legendary ninja and sword maker, who plays an important role in Kill Bill Volume 1, where the Bride gets a sword from him with which to enact revenge against her former associates.
Also, a gnome rogue called Lefty that can be encountered in Blackrock Depths during the Tier 0.5arena encounter has a skill called "Five Fat Finger Exploding Heart",which will deal huge amounts of damage if allowed to stack five times.This is in reference to the technique the Bride learns from her ancientmaster, Pai Mei.

At Onyxia's Lair, in the first lava pool you come to on the right side, you can find a floating star shaped glaive and next to it a charred skeleton. A reference to the 80's SciFi-fantasy movie Krull in which the powerful glaive weapon was found in a flowing river of lava in a dragon's cave.

Caretaker Alen, an Argent Dawn NPC in Lights Hope Chapel sometimes says: "I should have taken the translucent pill".
One of the boys who are fishing in Stormwind's Canal District sometimes says: "There is no spoon".
Asking any Ironforge Guard Directions to an Alchemy Professiontrainer has a chance to make them say "Why, oh why, didn't I take theblue potion?" after the directions have been given.

Metal Gear
In Shadowmoon Valley there's a quest, called To Legion Hold,where you use a Bag o' Tricks, which is a simple wooden box, todisguise yourself in order to hear a conversation between Jovaan andWarbringer Razuun. The reference to the Metal Gear's cardboard box isreinforced by the fact that Jovaan asks Warbringer Razuun what's thebox for, in the same way the soldiers of the game do when they find thecardboard box somewhere unfitting. And the Burning Legion outpost is avery unfitting place to a box, or anything actually, made of wood.

Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail
Gzhun'tt in Sporeggar located on the west side of Zangarmarsh willgive you a quest once you have achieved a certain reputation level withSporeggar and are level 63 or higher. The quest is entitled "Bring Me aShrubbery!", an evident reference to the Knights-Who-Say-Ni in MontyPython's epic movie.

Nintendo Games

  • In the Draenei starting area, Crash Site, the design on floor of the building is a Pokeball, a reference to the Pokemon craze.
  • Un'Goro crater is filled with references to old Nintendo games:

    • Linken, and the quests he sends players on, are references to the Legend of Zelda series, and its protagonist, Link.
    • The kodo beast, Dadanga, is a reference to the very first Legend of Zeldagame. One of the early bosses is a triceratops who is weak againstbombs. The old man who gives you hints on how to progress says,"Dodongo dislikes smoke.", a trait shared by Dadanga.
    • Larion and Muigin, one dwarf and one human, are an analogue of the characters Mario and Luigi. They are both dressed in overalls of color similar to how Mario and Luigi are dressed in the Super Mario Brothersgames. The use of fighting Bloodpetals in their quests refers toNintendo's original business (dating back to 1889), printingtraditional Japanese playing cards called Hanafuda used for a game sometimes known as War of Flowers.

Old School
During the Horde quest to get 300 First Aid one of the dyingsoldiers refers to seeing "Blue" which is similar to a Will Ferrellline from the movie.

During the Jail Break quest in Blackrock Depths you run acrossseveral prisoners named after characters from the TV series Oz. CrestKiller is Chris Keller. Jaz is Jaz Hoyt. Ograbisi is Adebisi. ShillDinger is Schillinger (interestingly, he appears to be a ScarletCrusade member while Schillinger is a white supremacist). Finally,Tobias Seecher is Tobias Beecher, a protagonist of sorts in Oz and theonly one of these characters you don't kill in the process of thequest.

Pink Floyd
During the quest "Triage" dying soldiers will make comments as theypass into critical condition and before death. One of the soldiers says"Goodbye all you people, I'm leaving you today... Goodbye, goodbye,goodbye." which is a line from the song 'Goodbye Cruel World' on PinkFloyd's album, 'The Wall'.
Also, the Innkeeper at Thrallmar, Hellfire Peninsula, is Named 'Floyd Pinkus'. An obvious reference to the name of the band.

Samurai Showdown
The names of the characters Haomarush, Genjuros, and Jubei'Thos, and the realms named for them, are based on the characters Haohmaru, Genjuro, and Jubei from the Samurai Shodown fighting game series. Magazine features and photos from Blizzard HQ has shown that the company has (or at least has had) a Samurai Shodown setup in the office.

Dealer Sadaqat <Potent> found at Stormspire inNetherstorm. This is from the TV quiz show, Jeopardy. It is a categorythat has been used for many years on the show and refers to alcoholcontaining beverages.

The Reliquary of Souls in the Black Templequotes the Sinistar from the video game of the same name; "Beware - Ilive." (Another possible reference being the use of "cowards"). TheSinistar also resembles the Reliquary of Souls as both are largedetached heads.

Sling Blade
"Swamp Eye" Jarl in Dustwallow marsh is looking for a blade, acertain blade... "some folks call it a moonsteel broadsword, I call ita swing blade..." is an almost word for word of Billy Bob Thornton'scharacter Karl in Sling Blade, "Some folks call it a Kaiser blade, Icall it a sling blade."

Snakes On a Plane
At Nesingwary's Safari in Nagrand, there is a crashed plane. On that plane, there are snakes.

South Park
Nesingwary's Safari in Nagrand is occasionally stormed by Talbuks, when this happens Hemet Nesingwary will yell "Watch out! They're coming right for us!" before he opens fire on them.This is a reference to the episode "Vulcano" where the boys are taken out hunting by Stan's uncle.

Starship Troopers (film)
In Blade's Edge Mountains at Toshley's Stationthere is an female gnome called Dizzy Dina, which is a reference to oneof the female characters in the movie. Also when you speak with DizzyDina she'll talk about Razak's Roughriders, which is a reference to"Rasczak's Roughnecks".
The attacks by the ravagers on Toshley's Station are a reference to the bug attack of the base on Planet P in the movie.--CryptSphinx 03:17, 24 October 2007 (UTC)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
In The Exodar, There is a small group of Draenei that congregatetogether. Their names, Curzon, Tobin, et al, are references to the pastlives of the character Dax from ST:DS9
In Toshley's Station in Blade's Edge Mountains there is a Gnomecalled Smiles O'Byron <Engineer>. This is a reference to ChiefMiles O'Brian who was know as 'Smiley' in the Alternate Universe

Star Trek: Enterprise
In Area 52 there is a character named Chief Engineer Trep. He wearsa blue shirt similar to his TV counterpart, Chief Engineer Trip.

Star Trek: The Next Generation
In Gadgetzan, the chief engineer is named Jordhi Lapforge, honoring the ST:TNG chief engineer Geordi LaForge.

Star Wars: Episode One: Phantom Menace
If one inspects the racers in the Shimmering Flats,there is a distinct resemblance to the podracers piloted by AnakinSkywalker and Sebulba. Follow the racers around the track to findskidmarks leading away, towards a cliff face. The racer similar toSebulba's can be found about halfway up, crashed and swinging on theside of the cliff.
The race announcer, a 2-headed ogre named Fobeed, is also a reference to the race announcer in TPM, a 2-headed creature named FodesinBeed (aka Fode & Beed).

Star Wars: A New Hope
On the first crossing to Bloodmyst Isle from Azuremyst Isle,you will find a small camp by the name "Kessel's Crossing." Kesselhimself will give you a quest called The Kessel Run, which he requiresyou complete in under fifteen minutes in reference to Han Solo'scompletion of the Kessel Run as mentioned in A New Hope "in undertwelve parsecs." After completing this quest, a character later willmake reference to "having completed the Kessel Run in under fifteenminutes.
Toshley's station is a reference to Luke Skywalker's line "ButI was going to Toshi Station to pick up some power converters!"Conveniently there is a quest there called: Picking Up Some Power Converters

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back
In Blood Watch on Bloodmyst Isle the Flight master's name is Laando. This might be a reference to Lando Calrissian, the character from which Han Solo won the Millennium Falcon.

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi
In the Priest specific quest text for [52]
Blood of Morphaz
, Ogtinc or Greta Mosshoof(depending on your faction) will inform you that, "The green drakeMorphaz is known to be immune to all forms of poison and disease --many druids died to bring us this information." This is a reference tothe quote made by Mon Mothma in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: "Many Bothans died to bring us this information."Also, the quest giver named Princess Moira wears slave clothes and hair similar to that of Princess Leia.

Stargate SG-1
In the Champion's Hall, there are several characters named after members of SG-1.Guard Hammon (General Hammond), Captain O'Neal (Captain O'Neill) Lieutanent Karter (Samantha Carter.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

  • The hut to the left of the dock coming inland to Ratchet has asmall table in it. The table has a very primitive and clunky lookingrobotic hand in a glass case. This is an obvious reference toTerminator 2: Judgment Day when the hand from the original The Terminator is displayed throughout the movie.
  • In addition, Ossirian the Unscarred yells "You are terminated!" every time he kills a player who has aggro.
  • There is a skeletal hand lying near a river of lava in LowerBlackrock Spire, which is a reference to one of the final scenes of themovie.
  • Also, the Felguard Warlock pet performs Terminator quotes when summoned, or dismissed.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai
In The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai (1984), scientists develop a way for a rocket car to pass through solid matter (a mountain). In Thousand Needles not far from the raceway, near the path to Tanaris, you can see skid marks that lead into the side of the mountain. In Tanaris,on the opposite side of the mountain just west of Gadgetzan, the skidmarks continue and lead to the crashed wreckage of a rocket car. In themovie, this scene took place on salt flats exactly like Shimmering Flats.

The Five Deadly Venoms
In Stormwind there is a location called "The Five Deadly Venoms", which references the English release name of a Chinese action movie, "Wu Du". It can be found in Old Town.

The Lost Vikings
The three lost dwarves in Uldaman have the names of that of the LostVikings (except that Baleog has been changed to Baelog), another gamedeveloped by Blizzard when that company used the name Silicon &Synapse. They also drop various items that resembles their charactersin the game such as Olaf's All Purpose Shield.The fact that the opening of Ironaya's chamber requires the Shaft ofTsol and Amulet of Gni'kiv, that have the name of "Lost Viking" spelledbackwards.

The Princess Bride (film)
Upon touching the globe that completes the attunement quest for Blackwing Lair,adventurers are greeted with quest completion text that reads "Have funstorming the castle!". This a quote of Billy Crystal's characterMiracle Max.
In UBRS, during the Rend event, adventurers successfully defeating waves of enemies are treated to Nefarian crying "Inconceivable!" This is a repeated quote of Wallace Shawn's character, Vizzini, the Sicilian mastermind.
One of the flirt voice emotes for the orc male is "This is truelove, it doesn't happen every day". This is a quote from the PrincessBride, Westley says it to Buttercup at the start of the movie.
In Southshore, the stable boy is called "Wesley", referencingthe book and movie. Appropriately, he also has blond hair and carries arapier.
In the Eastern Plaguelands, the priest NPC for t3 gear is Father Inigo Montoy.

The Simpsons
Houndmaster Lokseyutters the line "Release the Hounds!" when aggro'd. This is a quotefrom the long running Simpsons series, where Mr.Burns says this to getunwanted intruders off his lavish property.

Three's Company
In the Lower City area of Shattrath City, there is an NPC chef named Jack Trapper.John Ritter's character in the 70's sitcom was Jack Tripper, a chef living with 2 women.

Total Recall
When entering Shattrath City one of the vagrant beggers will say "C'mon spare some change, I've got five kids to feed". This is a quote from the movie Total Recall.

Inside Shadow Hold (northern Jaedenar, in Felwood) there is acapture Night Elf who gives an escort quest. You escort her to herequipment. When she opens the chest with her armor, she spins quicklyand reappears in armor. She then says "All I need now is a goldenlasso". Both the spinning and the lasso are references to theWonderwoman TV series.

There is an engineering item engineers can make that is titled Explosive Sheep,an item that has occurred in the worms franchise. In World of Warcraft,it follows you around for a few minutes, until it either finds anenemy, or the few minutes are up. In Worms, you get to control thesheep and crash it into an enemy. See also Exploding sheep on Wikipedia.

In Eco-Dome Mid-realm, in Netherstorm, there is a goblin namedShauley Pore. An obvious reference to Pauley Shore and his 1998 movie Bio-Dome.

6 Million Dollar Man
In the Badlands, Servo says "We can make it better, stronger, faster. We have the technology. We have the magic." A close quote from the TV show, Six Million Dollar Man.
Servo also says things like "I am versed in over four languages."

Diablo II
The set of swords that Rend Blackhand drops called Dal'Rend's Armsis a reference to the Diablo II set which was called Bul'Kathos'Children in which the 2 swords were called Bul'Kathos' Tribal Guardianand Bul'Kathos' Sacred Charge, Simlar to Dal'Rend's Tribal Guardian and Dal'Rend's Sacred Charge

Action Jaxon
In the Stormspire of Netherstorm, there is a NPC known as ActionJaxon.Action Jackson is a 1988 action film, starring Carl Weathers, Vanity,Craig T. Nelson, and Sharon Stone, directed by Craig R. Baxley.Action Jackson was Mego's attempt to tap into the GI-Joe toy market inthe early 70's.MadTV parody of Michael Jackson in Action Jackson.


Yuen Woo-Ping
Woo Ping,the weapons master in Stormwind, is an obvious direct reference to YuenWoo-Ping, who directed many Hong Kong martial arts films, and wasmartial arts choreographer for several Western movies including theMatrix trilogy and the Kill Bill films.It could also be a play on the term "whooping", meaning you werethoroughly beaten with no chance to retaliate.

Haris Pilton
Haris Pilton and Tinkerbell, bar denizens in lower city Shattrath, are a Blood Elf version of Paris Hilton and her pampered pup.

Opherah Windfury
The name of Caretaker Opherah Windfury at the Temple of Telhamat, when spoken quickly, closely ressembles the name of famous talk show host Oprah Winfrey.

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